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The Role of Telemental Services in Healthcare

Technology continues to advance our access to care in the form of telemental services.

What Are Telemental Services?

Like telemedicine that allows members to access practitioners to remedy acute care situations such as colds, rashes, or minor infections, telemental health solutions have moved into the digital age. 

With the demands on balancing work, home, family, and self-care, telemental services offer members a viable, convenient option to meet virtually with licensed mental health professionals. An obvious advantage is the convenience of counseling anywhere and at times that work with a member’s schedule. It also provides a more immediate option for someone who needs to speak to a counselor urgently. 

In many cases, a session can be set up for the next day or on-demand.

Accessing Care Through Valley Schools

Below are some important things to know about accessing telemental care for members utilizing UHC through Valley Schools.

While face-to-face sessions with therapists are often the most helpful environment for many to address behavioral and emotional health, restrictions on drive time, work schedules, and other like situations can make it a challenge to schedule and maintain appointments.  

If you are a UHC member through Valley Schools, you can access telemental care through either of their virtual care providers, Amwell and Doctor on Demand

You can download the app for both providers from your App Store. You will want to set up an account if you’ve not done so, which will allow members to access care options. 

App Services

Amwell’s app includes several therapy options, such as standard therapy, psychiatry, adolescent therapy, menopause counseling, and pregnancy and postpartum therapy.

Doctor on Demand also includes several behavioral health options such as anxiety, stress, workplace issues, insomnia, panic attacks, depression, postpartum, trauma, and loss. 

Both Amwell and Doctor on Demand therapy visits are considered a mental health visit, so are subject to your co-pay, deductible, or co-insurance depending on your plan.

Please check your summary plan document, or, online at to understand your payment options for your visit. 

Telemental Health Options

If you are not a UHC member, you may still have options for telemental health through your EAP or carrier program. Please visit your employee benefits portal, or, contact your benefits or HR office to ask if telemental health is available.   

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