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Leveraging Technology to Help Employees Understand Their Benefits

Is your district making the best out of your insurance benefits? Do your employees understand which healthcare benefits are needed for their family? Leveraging technology during open enrollment can connect the dots for employees in learning what benefits their employer offers and what the advantages of each can mean for them.

With so much to look over, it may be confusing. Embracing a digital benefits strategy can turn long hours of frustration into an opportunity to engage with your employees. Let Valley Schools help! 

Valley Schools works one-on-one with our members to customize a benefits education plan that meets individual needs and culture. Whether that’s providing onsite benefit enrollment, or assistance with setting up a dynamic benefits enrollment portal, Valley Schools is committed to being the right tool in the benefits toolbox to assist our member’s HR and Benefits staff during open enrollment. 

Let’s take a look at a few ways that technology can be effective for benefits communication.

The Revolution of Big Data

Using an analytics-driven resource to make sense of health data, medical and prescription claims, demographics, and clinical or well-being information, can enable you to be more nimble when searching for the right benefits package. Like the work done by Valley Schools, this can tailor clinical management and employee engagement programs, helping to improve health outcomes and mitigate expenses.

Explain the Terms

More than 77% of employees may believe they are ready for open enrollment. But what trips them up are basic health insurance terms. Helping define basic insurance concepts to your employees will increase understanding and satisfaction. Adopting an online benefits platform can personalize and simplify the experience.

Encourage Employee Wellness

With over 35% of companies integrating wearable devices into their wellness program, it is time to follow in step! Valley Schools has incorporated Virgin Pulse, an online platform that creates wellness challenges, preventative care tracking, incentive delivery, and other customizable programs for your employees to work toward. Using wearable devices and integrating them into your wellness programs increases activity levels resulting in cost savings. Check out our wellness program WellStyles and what it can do for you.

Be Mobile Friendly

With many employees being technology savvy, it’s a good idea to make sure your communication plan is optimized for mobile use. HR teams can send updates, reminders about enrollment time, and pending signup deadlines via SMS. Employers will also want to be certain that employee guidebooks or benefit documents are also updated for web and mobile-friendly applications. Providing easy access to benefit information will help employees enroll with ease.

At Valley Schools, we are dedicated to providing competitive group benefits, cutting edge benefits consulting, and innovative wellness solutions to help make Arizona a healthier place to live and work. To learn more about the affordable health care consulting and how our employee wellness program, WellStyles, can get you on track again, click here.

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