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COVID-19 – Prevention and Immune Support

Critical Virus Defense 101 COVID-19

Our staff has been following the seasonal cold and influenza trends, continue to stay informed of the circulating advisories, and previously shared preventative precautions in our February blog. We have also diligently monitored the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak both locally and nationally.

Immunity Boost

At Valley Schools we make health and disease prevention a high priority.

We wanted to provide further precautionary measures to help protect your health and that of your family as we navigate the trends of this virus.

Read and download this informative bulletin from the Institute for Functional Medicine regarding prevention tips and immunity boosting behaviors to enforce within your organization to help combat this illness. These tactics reflect the recommendations of The Centers of Disease and Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) for COVID-19.

The CDC and IFM are two organizations of authority on this subject, which provide thorough recommendations to optimize health, and aid in prevention of contracting infectious illness, such as COVID-19.

Find Out more

Valley Schools is committed to helping our members and community stay informed of the most relevant and proven health trends and studies.

To find out more about Valley Schools, our wellness program, and employee consulting strategies for your organization contact us today.

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