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Valley Schools: Wellness AtoZ Employer

Congratulations to Valley Schools and the WellStyles Program! The Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation’s initiative, Wellness AtoZ, making Arizona and Greater Phoenix a healthy living destination, has recognized the affordable health insurance consultant Valley Schools and workplace wellness program WellStyles as a Wellness AtoZ Employer!

Valley Schools offers affordable healthcare and wellness consulting in Arizona is now on board at the PLATINUM level for all of the work we do to educate our members about the healthy choices they can make with our program, WellStyles WellStyles is a comprehensive employee wellness program providing education, motivation, and actively cultivating opportunities to improve well-being, mindfulness, fitness, and overall quality of life to our members.

When employees spend an average of 50 hours in the workplace per week, actively participating in workplace wellness drops far down the to-do list. At Valley Schools, our goal is to encourage our members to participate in a healthier lifestyle through healthy habits, onsite education and community involvement.

We can’t wait to see your success! At Valley Schools, we are committed to providing excellent group benefits consulting and helping make Arizona a healthier place to live and work. Through our online platform and mobile tracking apps, onsite events, and pillars of health, Valley Schools gives you the tools and know-how to take charge of what makes you happy and well!

To learn more about the affordable group healthcare and wellness consulting Valley Schools offers and WellStyles, contact us and and become a member today!

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