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Serving Your Employees With A Dedicated Employee Benefit Administrator

When it came to choosing benefits for your business, Human Resources was the one leading the research charge. Traditionally, the HR department would take on the duty to explain employee benefits and assist employees with enrolling in their group plans. Previously, things were pretty straightforward with a simple list of plans to understand. Employees would select from one to three plans with a progression of price points and perks that worked best in their budget and coverage for their families. Serving your employees with a dedicated employee benefits administrator is a benefit to you and your employees.

With the complexities of plan designs and employee benefits packages, combined with continuous changes to benefit legislation, tapping into a dedicated employee benefits administrator is an important asset to have. Partnering with someone like Valley Schools, who has a deeper knowledge of benefits, plans, access, and overall legislation will ensure that you and your employees are receiving the right information to make informed decisions. 

Companies, school districts, and governmental agencies are starting to move to an outsourced model that connects employees with a dedicated employee benefits administrator. There are many advantages to having a dedicated benefits administrator available to you and your company employees. Whether they can populate on-site and in-person to walk you through benefits plans or be the subject matter expert for your questions while off-site at their third-party agency, their expertise will add a layer of insight that you don’t have. Some of these benefits include:

Direct Contact Person

Developing the best and most successful plans for your company employees can be complicated. The surroundings and offerings can constantly change causing any business unwanted headaches. Having a dedicated contact person who can answer any questions that you may have is a major plus. Employees can have a personable experience with their administrator and ask about their benefits choices with the agency you choose. Employee questions can arise about medical claims help or change requests to employee group plans that could happen throughout the year. Without tying up your HR department or experiencing delays, agencies like Valley Schools are positioned to be your first line of defense when tackling such challenging benefits questions.

Experience is Knowledge

Being supported by a knowledgeable benefits plan administrator holds many advantages for employers. You are able to direct all concerns to a specific point of contact, alleviating any concerns about who is servicing you as the client. The experiences an industry professional administrator who provides a vast knowledge of employee benefits to make informed choices for your business is a definite plus. As laws change rapidly around benefits, a dedicated person can be 100% involved in staying on top of these changes and reduce the potential risks. A dedicated administrator can advise employees on the best choices they can make for their needs, based on historical data.

Benefits administrator professionals can also help alleviate stress and frustration for employees when searching for answers about their health care plans. Typically, employees just want to know where they can save money on their medical costs without having to interpret the plan documents. Finding a company, like Valley Schools, that offers employee benefits outsourcing as a single point of contact can point employees in the right direction when they need help finding answers.

Get More From Your Health Care Dollars

A dedicated benefits administrator will carefully analyze the use of benefits types and can help anyone get more support from their benefits plan. An HR generalist is capped at their knowledge of what benefits are available and what plans can work best for your growing business. Utilizing a professional, like Valley Schools, who only works in benefits administration has an overall view of what options are preferred to your company’s employees and how to use them to get the best out of the benefits. Benefits administrators are specialists that maintain certification, or ongoing education, to bring your top-of-the-line knowledge to support your organization and bring your business to the forefront.

Professional Connections Benefit Your Employees

Working with someone who has many business connections in the industry is a great asset when it comes to planning a benefits budget.  Professional connections within the industry can lead to big savings for companies when it comes to healthcare plans that are low cost yet high value. A benefits administrator can provide access to flexible plans that are affordable as well as supplemental plans that are easier on budgets. Open enrollment for benefits selection must be marketed heavily. Thanks to your HR team, they can get the word out there while your dedicated benefits administrator can track enrollment and support communication with employees.

At Valley Schools, one of the reasons we are so successful is because we have been in the industry for over thirty years. Our decades of experience all add up to the best possible service for our members. As a non-profit corporation, our mission is to provide innovative solutions to you with a specific focus on improving the overall health of your organization – at the lowest price possible. 

Using our integrated approach, we combine employers into larger groups. That gives you more purchasing power so our expert contract negotiators can secure better contracts for you and your team. It is simple and easy to join Valley schools, and membership is free. 

Contact us today to learn more about our dynamic dedicated benefits administrators and discover how easy it can help your efforts to provide your employees with the best benefits service in Arizona. 

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