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Get Moving - Ideas to incorporate more physical activity into your day

Get Moving: Tips To Get In More Movement Throughout Your Day

Human life has evolved in a way that makes it very easy to avoid movement. We sit in cars on the way to work. At work, we sit at our desks for much of the day. Then we come home and sit down to relax. That’s not what our bodies are built for. We may move less but movement is still programmed into the human brain as a critical aspect of how we engage with the world.

Extended periods of sitting increase your chances of several types of cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and back and neck problems. Movement affects how we feel both physically and mentally. Many people that incorporate more movement into their daily life report higher energy levels, increased productivity, and a better mood. Additionally, many lose weight.

Here are 8 easy and simple ways to get in more movement:

  1. Stand and work: We have all heard “sitting is the new smoking”. So if possible, try standing and doing your work; incorporate a standing desk into your space or find a higher surface such as a counter or podium that you are able to stand at while you work.
  2. Park farther away: Whether at work, the grocery store, or going out anywhere, this is one of the simplest ways to get some extra walking incorporated into your day.
  3. Walk and talk: Have a walking work meeting or have a phone call while you walk – thank you mobile devices!
  4. Up your water intake: Getting the right amount of water is a sure way to get in more steps to the bathroom.
  5. Move while watching TV: This is an activity where we spend extra time sitting. Add some HIIT training, yoga, or just some simple stretching, and still watch that favorite show or movie.
  6. Clean up: Set some time aside each day at work or home to tidy up your space. It is a great way to get moving and helps keep you organized.
  7. Cook at home: Cooking at home can help you to eat healthier and save money while you are also moving around your kitchen.
  8. Get outside: Whether walking, doing yard work, or hanging out with the dog, you will be moving around and getting some fresh air.

Try incorporating some of these tips into your day and see how both your mental and physical health increase!

Valley Schools is here to help you stay on track and encourage your journey to personal wellbeing. Reach out for more information about WellStyles™, our employee wellness program, and connect with our wellness team for more helpful tips.

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