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A male doctor is consoling a female patient about insurance in a doctor's office

Healthier Employees = Healthier Insurance Programs & Budgets

When an employee misses work because they are sick, it’s a hardship on the employee and the employer. Absenteeism costs the employer money and time. From finding a substitute teacher, pulling assistance from another department to cover the gap, to shuffling deadlines and duties.  Presenteeism is also critically important and often overlooked. This is when an employee is physically at work, but is distracted by personal concerns, such as financial, health or other matters. Productivity is remarkably reduced in these situations, and can lead to potentially hazardous situations for the employee, the employer and others in certain work environments. This affects employer’s insurance programs.

As an employer, it is easy to feel helpless when it comes to the health and wellbeing of your employees. While you may not be able to directly address health or personal concerns of your employees, you CAN provide them opportunities, resources, and a road map to better self-care.

Valley Schools developed the WellStyles™ program, which provides health education to employees through timely articles, step challenges, preventive programs, and incentive rewards and more to encourage them to lead a healthier life. WellStyles™ is included as a part of our insurance group purchasing and has provided tangible results in reducing costs for employers across Arizona.

Employers using WellStyles™ have seen marked changes in employee habits such as diet, exercise, and mental health. While results can differ depending on the employer, small accomplishments can pay impressive dividends. Ask us how this has worked for current members!

When you encourage employees to keep up with appropriate check-ups, improving lifestyle choices, and heading off catastrophic illnesses, claims drop due to early detection and treatment. Employees are less likely to take extensive absences, or show up to work without really showing up. At Valley Schools, we want all of our members to lead longer and healthier lives with improved workplace and personal productivity.

When companies invest in insurance for their employees through programs such as WellStyles™, it pays off through increased productivity and a feeling among employees that they are cared for and supported. To learn more about taking care of your employees using our WellStyles™ program, contact Valley Schools today.

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