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Wellness Goals: Staying Accountable in the New Year

Goal setting is an opportunity to reflect on the past and plan for the year ahead. Take a look at what went well in 2020 – your wins, what you can work on, and goals for the upcoming year. Don’t confuse goal setting or setting intentions with the term “New Year’s resolution.”

Now is the perfect time to reset but remember, you don’t need to wait for a new year to begin.

Have A Personal Mantra

Finding a word or phrase to focus on to keep you on track can be helpful. Personal mantras can be a powerful way to solidify your intentions but they don’t have to be complicated! Your mantra could be a simple word or phrase that resonates with you. Here are some examples.

“Be here now.”
“I embrace change and I am working toward my goals.”
“I am enough.”
“I attract abundance in all things.”

Set Small Daily Goals

If you have been feeling bogged down with day-to-day tasks, it’s more important than ever to take a moment to reflect. Check-in with yourself to clear the clutter in your mind by writing all your tasks down (also known as a brain-dump). Then, you can begin to set small daily goals to prepare for a positive new year. These things take very little time but have a HUGE impact on your mindset!

Try Weekly Reflection

In addition to setting goals, try writing out and answering the questions below every week to get a jump start on setting your intentions.

What was your win this week?
What do you need to work on?
What are my goals for the coming week?
What is my word, mantra, or phrase to support my goals?

There are also journals designed with daily and weekly reflection built-in, like The Five-Minute Journal.

Take It One Day At A Time

You don’t need to change everything in your life right away! Making small changes that are achievable, creates a snowball effect that can grow to include bigger things. As we leave what’s been an extra stressful year, let’s release our unrealized expectations so we can move into 2021 with fresh ideas of what we can accomplish.

Implement A Wellness Program

Valley Schools is here to help you stay on your path and encourage your journey to personal wellness. Click here to learn more and connect with our wellness team!

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