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A small gymnasium with females doing group training

Group Training: Fancy Your Fitness

Why do people continue to spend money on group fitness exercise classes when they have the ability to do a similar workout for free in the comfort of their own home? If you have ever started a home workout then found yourself growing bored, you are not alone! You may fall into the category of people who benefit from a community atmosphere and energy, unique to group fitness exercise classes. For many, group fitness exercise classes fuel motivation, improve health and wellness, and strengthen self-discipline better than self-directed exercise. Some of the major benefits of group training include: 

Community – Group fitness exercise classes are a great way to meet people within your community who have similar goals and interests as you. Studies show that people are more likely to participate and stay committed to health and wellness behaviors when their friends are also engaged in those same mindfulness behaviors. Having a community to workout with can provide motivation to stay on track and make exercise more enjoyable, while also lowering the risk for disease at the same time! 

Variety – Another advantage is the variety of exercise classes offered that cater to different interests and fitness levels. Whether you are a beginner weightlifter, seasoned marathon runner, or just a person who enjoys dancing or yoga as a means of joyful movement, there is a group exercise class for you. 

Accountability – The instructor and students in group exercise classes inevitably act as accountability coaches for you on your health journey. You are more likely to attend a class when you have a set time, have prepaid and are financially committed, or you know others will notice when you are absent. 

Experience – A common concern of independent exercise is the uncertainty of which exercises to pair to appropriately plan a workout that will produce the desired outcome. The oversight of a qualified instructor may relieve the pressure these individual’s face to design their own workout.  Many find comfort in knowing that each exercise class is thoughtfully-planned and taught by a qualified instructor. A great teacher will also explain the benefits of each exercise, which deepens the student’s understanding and provides more reasons to endure the physical demands of the activity and complete the workout. Above all else, an awesome instructor will keep you returning to class, even when the workout is daunting!

Motivation – Participating in a group fitness classes often challenges us to push beyond our perceived limitations. Training with and around other people is a huge motivator when it comes to work ethic. Although our body’s ability is no different at home or in group exercise class, the community aspect has been shown to propel us forward in achieving our fitness goals! Humans also have the ability to draw energy from other living beings as a means to connect. Therefore, an energy-rich exercise class taught by an enthusiastic and engaged instructor can provide motivation that may be hard to cultivate on our own.  

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