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Digestive Health Facts

Go With Your Gut

You might think that your brain is controlling what happens in your gut to keep your body in rhythm, but a community of microbes greatly influences your digestive health. The microbes and nerves in your body work together like musicians in an orchestra and our gut microbes play a big role in your overall health of your mind and body.

Previously we’ve written about the GI tract and gut absorption in What’s Your Gut Telling You? Read more about being mindful about what your gut is telling you, how stress can affect your health, and about the detox process on your body by visiting our Wellness Newsletters.

Reframe Your Body: Stress & Your Digestive Health

In more serious cases, stress may cause a decrease in blood flow and oxygen to the stomach, which could lead to cramping, inflammation, or an imbalance of gut bacteria. Feeling stressed can exacerbate gastrointestinal disorders. 

Although stress may not cause stomach ulcers or inflammatory bowel disease, it can make these and other diseases of digestion worse, so it’s important to take measures to be in control during stressful situations and find ways to keep yourself calm. Deep breathing, aromatherapy, and meditation can all help.

Digest the Facts

Gut facts

  • Your gut wall houses 70 percent of your body’s immune system
  • About 90 percent of your body’s serotonin is produced in the gut
  • The gut doesn’t need the brain’s input. No other organ, not even the all powerful heart, can pull that off

Digestive Detox for Your Gut: It’s Not Just a 3-day Fad

It is important to remember that the word “detox” is NOT a three day cleanse, a juice fast, or diet plan! Scientifically speaking, detoxification is a multifaceted process where the body takes substances that are brought in from the environment through food, air, water, medications, etc. and transforms those into new compounds where the body can then eliminate them.

One of the many ways that the body transforms and removes these compounds is through the digestive system. This happens through several mechanisms, one being elimination via bowel movements.

If you do feel the need to “detox”, look at your body and lifestyle as a whole to lessen the burden of exposure and support the systems at work constantly, versus reaching for a quick fix.

Digestive Rest: Cleaning Waves

When the body is fasted, muscles in the small intestine produce a periodic wave of forward motion called the migrating motor complex.

This “cleansing wave” is a housekeeping function – not unlike the sweep of a broom – that prevents stasis of intestinal contents. Thus, bacteria passing through don’t have time to settle in and lay down roots. Try tiny meals (grazing) for this fasting effect.

At Valley Schools we are committed to your health. Our WellStyles wellness team is here for our members to make sure that you have the essential information you need to make the right healthy decisions for your body.

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