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Image of a desk with apple computer showing left side clutter and righst side clean

Behavior Change, Cleansing, and New Beginnings

Here’s to New Beginnings

March 19th marks the 2020 Spring Equinox, which represents a time of change, cleansing, and new beginnings. A great way to start fresh during this time is to rid yourself of any unnecessary clutter.

Studies have shown that a cluttered workspace can contribute to a cluttered mind. Are you having trouble with productivity, creativity, focus, and/or memory? Do you tend to misplace items or do you simply just have too much stuff?

Change the Clutter

In order to help you feel refreshed and renewed this spring season, we have a few spring cleaning tips!

  • Have a “clean off your desk day.” Choose one day per week and take 10 minutes to see what can be put away, taken home, or thrown away. After cleaning unnecessary clutter off your desk, wipe down your desk with your favorite toxin-free, surface cleaner. A clean desk is a happy desk!
  • Consider your office supplies. Do you use all of the supplies that sit on your desk or do half of them collect dust? Try getting rid of the supplies you may not need by donating them to a coworker, breakroom, or an organization. Schools are always in need of extra supplies!
  • Use the “out of sight, out of mind” mindset in a productive way. Hide cables and extra cords behind your desk and/or computer monitor. This makes your desk appear less cluttered and can leave more space for essentials.
    Make sure your workspace is tailored to your needs. If you never use pencils and papers, why are they littering your computer space? Find a space for the things you don’t regularly need. Know that everything has a home and that home doesn’t have to be in the middle of your desk.

Creating a Positive Behavior Change

The following is a compilation of tips to help you change a habit. Don’t be overwhelmed — always remember the simple steps above.

The rest are different ways to help you become more successful in your habit change.
Do just one habit at a time. Extremely important. Habit change is difficult, even with just one habit. If you do more than one habit at a time, you’re setting yourself up for failure.
Start small. The smaller the better, because habit change is difficult, and trying to take on too much is a recipe for disaster. Want to exercise? Start with just 5-10 minutes.
Do a 30-day Challenge. It takes about 30 days to change a habit if you’re focused and consistent.

At Valley Schools, our wellness program WellStyles is here to help each of our members take a holistic approach to improve personal outcomes. Our goal is to provide the best quality health and wellness related information to our members to be their best selves.

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