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Gearing Up With Gratitude

Feeling In Control

Since the coronavirus began spreading across the world, we’ve undoubtedly learned a lot about the lengths to which people will go for a roll of toilet paper. While the social distancing guidelines were extended by the White House on Sunday, the uncertainty of the future continues to drive the “panic-buying” that we see emptying all the shelves.

Did you know that panic-buying is a coping mechanism? We saw this in the 1918 Spanish Flu and SARS outbreak of 2003.

Why do we do this? Simply put, it’s something people feel they have control over during a time that seems unclear. 

Practice Gratitude

Reducing that uncertainty to help you feel like you have MORE control (which you do) is what so many employer groups and companies are aiming to do in their communications.

Valley Schools is starting with Gratitude. Practicing gratitude, even if for just 20 minutes can go a long way. Studies show that people who practice gratitude regularly experience more positive emotions. Other benefits are sleep better, the ability to express more compassion and kindness, and even have a stronger immune system. 

Gratitude Challenge

Our challenge to you this week is to start thinking about the things you are grateful for and write it down.

A simple list of 5 or 10 things you are grateful for is a great start. It might be a 12 pack of toilet paper or hand sanitizer you discovered at the bottom of your purse, and that’s okay!

Seeing it on paper creates a physical manifestation of thought, which reinforces those feeling good emotions. You can print and put your list on the refrigerator, or bathroom mirror, anywhere you frequent in the house. Keep those positive thoughts cycling rather than the fear and uncertainty. 

Valley Schools Is Here to Help

To help you with this, WellStyles will be starting a Gratitude Journal Challenge on April 6th to help make this a more regular practice. Registration opened this week. So if you are a WellStyles member with Valley Schools, please join us and see what the art of Gratitude can do for you and your health!

Valley Schools is committed to helping our members live their best lives, even in these uncertain times. We will continue to share how we can do our part to stay healthy that is consistent with the current directives of the Arizona Department of Health Services and Governor Ducey’s most recent Executive Order. 

Stay positive and healthy! 

Your Valley Schools Team 

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