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Welcome to Summer!

Valley Schools welcomes you to the Benefits Broadcast, showcasing timely topics and updates relating to your membership. We are passionate about serving our members and helping them live their best lives. Your Benefits Account Management and Wellness Team are always available to answer questions and provide detail on any of the topics and resources listed below.

Health and Happiness from your Valley Schools Team!

The big “C” is scary, but leveraging resources can help you take control and conquer!

A cancer diagnosis is a world rocker for most, but it’s important to remember you are not alone! Engage your family and friends for support even if to just to distract you from the details on occasion (or regularly!) and check out the resources your health carrier has available to assist in your treatment and care.

If you are with UnitedHealthcare, they have a Cancer Support Program which is designed to:

  • Support and reinforce patient adherence to your treatment plan.
  • Provide information to encourage patients’ active participation in their care.
  • Help reduce complications related to cancer diagnosis and treatments through targeted and timely interventions.
  • Enable patients to communicate changes in health status to you before symptoms escalate.
  • Help patients understand when and how to take their medications and provide self-care.
  • Increase awareness and informed choices about hospice and palliative care toward the end of life.
  • Help coordinate care and benefit issues.
  • You can call 866-936-6002 with questions about the program.

There are also Cancer Centers of Excellence across the country that contract with your Health Carrier to provide high-quality, appropriate and cost-effective care, and are reviewed annually to ensure they continue to meet the high standards for which they were originally selected. Ask your treating physician to coordinate with your Health Carrier to be certain the most appropriate center of care is accessible to you for treatment. You can also call your customer service number on your medical ID card and ask for nurse assistance or advocacy.

Visit your carrier website for details or call the number on the back of your Medical ID card. UHC members visit or call (800) 638-7287.

Valley Schools is the only nonprofit employee benefits consultant in the state that works with public entities. Our #1 priority is to provide best-in-class benefits consulting, plan administration, innovative wellness and customized insurance options at the most competitive price. This adds up to predictable budgeting, plan and vendor stability and happier employees! Learn more by contacting us today!

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