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Are You in the Right Health Insurance Pool?

For more than 30 years, Valley Schools has served school districts and other governmental agencies in administrative, financial or public service positions, providing our more than 35,000 members with the absolute best pricing in employee benefits and affordable, group health insurance coverage to better support their financial freedom and well-being.

There are key components that set us apart from other agencies, consortiums or trusts in Arizona. Valley Schools is a nonprofit corporation, serving only public agencies. We have a detailed understanding of governmental entities unique needs, as our staff and management board have worked in the public sector environment for several decades. Our meetings are always open to the public and our employees are members of the Arizona State Retirement System. We comply with public records law and are regularly examined by the Arizona Department of Insurance. We continually negotiate with vendors on our member’s behalf to ensure the best pricing and service in the state.

We also know that it is critical to actively manage medical and pharmacy claims and have distinctive processes and programs in place to address this need. Finally, yet importantly, we promote, emphasize and implement comprehensive wellness programs, which we are excited to share more about.

Our Management Group Board is staffed with current and former public entity administrative and business professionals who have years of real-world experience understanding the needs of the public sector. Our exemplary leadership team has worked in or with Arizona school districts and public sector employers. There have been many legislative changes directly impacting budgets and those changes lead to the need for strategic action to maintain the highest-quality learning environment. Since these decision-makers have been hands-on through the evolution of Arizona’s financial climate, they have a personal understanding of your needs as a public sector employer.

Whether it’s providing imaginative, innovative and comprehensive wellness solutions or acting as health care and benefits consultants, Valley Schools offers our premium wellness platform and custom programs to all members at no additional cost, which includes access to a full-time wellness director and additional wellness coordination staff. We supply school districts and other governmental agencies best-in-class benefits consulting, plan administration, wellness and customized insurance options at the most competitive price. This adds up to predictable budgeting, plan and vendor stability and happier employees!

For more information on how we help our members attain affordable, group health insurance for Arizonans, please visit us at


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