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What's New With WellStyles

What’s New With WellStyles?

Best-in-class health and wellness tools to fight decision fatigue and lack of motivation

The wellness industry has evolved from wonky diet fads and enthusiastic workout tapes, courtesy of Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons – remember them?! – to a more sophisticated, holistic approach that encompasses physical movement, nutrition, mental health, sleep, toxin reduction, connection, and financial health. 

But with increased awareness, coupled with an infinite aisle of information (aka the internet), you’ve likely suffered from a case of choice paralysis, the act of having too many options that you shut down.

At WellStyles, we replace decision fatigue and lack of motivation with vetted, best-in-class tools and resources you need to develop healthy habits and start feeling good! 

Some tools and resources you can expect include:

  • Live educational webinars led by prominent and groundbreaking industry experts 
  • Virtual group coaching calls designed to support you with making healthy lifestyle changes
  • And friendly competitions with other health-minded individuals.

With the help of a dedicated WellStyles success manager, your daily habits will transform your overall health, all while you earn rewards along the way! 

If you’re already a WellStyles member, we invite you to attend the What’s New with WellStyles webinar on August 23 at 4 p.m. During this webinar, you’ll learn:  

  • How to get the most out of your program
  • All of the ways to earn incentives 
  • How to easily access the improved webinars and NEW group coaching calls 
  • And how to reach us.

You can find the registration link on: 1)The WellStyles platform homepage, 2) within August’s The Beet newsletter, and 3) through your human resources and benefits department.

If you’re currently not a WellStyles member but are an Arizona public sector employee, we encourage you to learn more and reach out to your human resources department about your interest in the program. We’re eager to speak with your employer about how WellStyles can help you and your peers bring your best self to work and home! 

Reach us at To your health and your happiness!

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