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The HAWP Award Valley Schools won

The HAWP Award

Valley Schools is honored to announce that we have received the highest level award for the Healthy Arizona Worksites this year!

At the platinum level, we have been recognized with evidence-based efforts that has tackled health challenges in the community. We have previously won the silver level award when we first started, then received gold for the past 2 years, now we have worked our way up to the platinum level!

So what does this mean?

This award recognizes businesses that make a strong impact to address health issues and improve equity among communities in Arizona. It also recognizes the businesses that are dedicated to supporting the well-being of its own employees and their families. Therefore, winning this award affirms that our commitment to serving school district employees in Arizona as a nonprofit is resonating in our community.

A huge thanks to our the Wellness Director,Kendall for playing a huge instrumental part in us receiving this award!

We are continually privileged to serve our growing family of members and help our school districts with their insurance and wellness efforts.

For more information, please visit Valley Schools new site at:

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