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Trick or Treat, Remember Those Teeth!

With October 31st right around the corner, everyone is excited to sink their teeth into those Halloween goodies. Here at Valley Schools, we love Halloween candy just as much as everyone else, but we also understand that candy puts your teeth at risk for potential health complications. From candy corn and gooey caramels to jawbreakers and chewy taffy, here is how we enjoy our favorite Halloween treats without any tricks!

Limit Gummy Candies

Although delicious to enjoy, gummy and sticky candies are the worst for our teeth. This candy likes to stick in the crevices of teeth and gums and is very difficult to remove. If this candy stays on a tooth’s surface, the sugar feeds cavity-causing bacteria and can leave our teeth at risk.

Be Careful with Hard Candies

On the other hand, hard candies can also pose health risks for our teeth. The hardness of these candies can actually break our teeth if they are not consumed carefully. Hard candies are also left in our mouth for longer periods of time, thus exposing our teeth to sugar for longer durations.

Visit the Dentist

The best treat we can give to our teeth is regular checkups from our dentists. With Valley Schools, we offer comprehensive dental plans to ensure that your organization has access to the premium dental care.

Here at Valley Schools, we want your school district, city, town, or government municipality to be aware of the dental risks that are associated with Halloween. If enjoyed carefully and in moderation, Halloween candy can be just as sweet as we remember. To learn more about our dental health insurance offerings, please contact us today. Stay safe and Happy Halloween!

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