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The Importance of Mindfulness and your Health

As you transition into your new working environments, you may notice that you are faced with feelings of uncertainty. This uncertainty can cause extra stress and worry, which can negatively impact your overall health. The good news is, by practicing mindfulness, you have the ability to calmly acknowledge things as they are. Training the mind to stay in the present moment helps to create a sense of stability amidst the chaos.

Practicing mindfulness looks different for everyone. It is important to find the mindfulness practice that works best for you! Once you find this, you will slowly start to experience the benefits. You may start to experience less stress and anxiety, improved attention, memory, self-awareness, and regulation of emotions.

Common Mindfulness Practice Ideas

Here are some of the common ways you can practice mindfulness:

• Mindfulness meditations
• Reading
• Breathing exercises
• Coloring
• Journaling
• Listening to music

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