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A strike gathering in front of Phoenix Capital building

Strike Aftermath

As of May 4th, 2018 the teachers’ strike has ended with the signing of the State Budget Plan. A plan that provides more than $300 million to improve Arizona Schools.

Over the course of the upcoming years, the bill is said to provide funding to classrooms, as well as, give teachers a predicted raise of 20% over the next 5 years.

However, the Bill gives funding to each individual school district. The district then decides how to put the funding to use. Therefore, a raise in the teacher’s salary is not guaranteed in all school districts across the valley.  

The Bill is also lacking in funding for classroom supplies, as well as, overtime compensation.


Even though Teachers did not receive everything that they wanted, they did get more than what was being offered prior to the strike. Some say that prolonging the strike would cause a lack of public support over time.


The Arizona Department of Education holds a specific requirement for the number of hours a student must be in school per year, in order to get funding.  

Schools districts are currently deciding upon how and if they plan on making up the missed class time. Whether it be extending the school year or adding an extra hour to each day. Some are even considering adding Saturday classes to help make up for the Arizona Teacher Walkout.


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