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Saving Money through Healthy Employees

Having sick employees is never ideal for your business. Employers can have little or no control over lifestyle choices of their employees, which can be a helpless feeling. Here at Valley Schools, our WellStyles program has produced positive results in improving the healthy employees. WellStyles provides coaching to employees through health news, step challenges, preventive programs, and incentive rewards to encourage them to lead a healthier life.

Although results can differ depending on the district, small accomplishments can pay great dividends to your community. Encouraging employees to continuously keep up with doctors appointments and check ups can drop claims by several thousand due to early detection of health problems. Employees are then less likely to take extensive absences and be out of the office due to routine checkups, leading to a longer and healthier life and improved workplace productivity.

By using WellStyles, employers have seen changes in employees habits such as diet, exercise, and mental health. WellStyles is included as a part of our insurance group purchasing and has proven results in reducing costs for employers across Arizona.

Healthy employees are appreciative when the company they work for is concerned for their health and WellStyles is great way for employers to show their employees that they care.

If you want to learn more about taking care of your employees through our WellStyles program, please feel free to contact us or visit our site at:

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