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Hear From Our Members

One of our members, Barbara Goodwin is the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources at Glendale Elementary School District and has a great relationship with us here at Valley Schools. She has shared some insight with us about how much we have helped the Glendale Elementary School District over the years.

One of Barbara’s favorite benefits of working with Valley Schools is the autonomy to be able to customize a plan without being forced into a cookie-cutter format. In fact, one of the biggest differences between Valley Schools and our competitors is our ability to customize plans for our members.

If our members prefer to use vendors outside of our preferred provider contract – no problem! As your full-service benefits consultant, we obtain the best pricing and services from vendors of your choice. We advise – you decide!

Here at Valley schools, we want to work with you as a helpful partner. Member flexibility and peace of mind are our highest priority. We are honored to have members like Barbara Goodwin and are proud to serve Arizona schools for over 30 years. Click here to see Barbara’s full video testimony.

For more information on Valley Schools and how we can help, please visit our website:

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