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A chalkboard surrounded by food that reads food allergies

Allergy Policy

With the number of students with food allergies increasing each year, it is important to know that Arizona Schools have a policy in place to help prevent, monitor, and plan for an allergy emergency. Our team at Valley Schools thought it would be a good idea to share that policy with you.

At the beginning of each school year, administrations will receive an individual Health Care Plan and Emergency Action plan. All teachers, nurses, and administration officials are required to attend meetings and training in order to learn how to best handle a food allergy. Both statements are to be kept in the classrooms and accessible at all times. This statement is also relayed to all substitute teachers.

In Arizona schools, students must wash hands and use wipes whenever food is involved. Snacks must be brought from home and sharing is prohibited. Classroom activities and materials are also modified to meet the allergy restrictions. In terms of dealing with the lunchtime dangers, the cafeteria is required to keep a completely nut free menu with food labels monitored by food service staff. An alternate allergy-free menu may also be available. These school policies are effective in all schools functions, such as field trips and classroom parties.

In individual situations, it is required that there is communication between the parent and teacher in regards to the allergy. The more awareness the school has about the allergies the more they can do to help. When dealing with a life-threatening allergy, other precautions may be put in place, as deemed necessary by both the parent and the school. The Arizona Guidelines for managing food allergies is implemented in order to keep Arizona students safe.

This is the number one priority for Valley Schools. We live and breathe schools and know that healthy schools are better schools for Arizona. Implement an allergy policy today!

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