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Behavior Change

New Year’s resolutions are built around trying to make a life change, but the popular trend of setting a resolution does not guarantee a readiness to change. The Transtheoretical Model is used to measure an individual’s readiness to act by outlining the five stages of behavior change and the feelings associated with each, including,

  • Stage 1 Pre-contemplation: Not considering change
  • Stage 2 Contemplation: Not considering immediate change but is aware that a change may be required
  • Stage 3 Preparation: Planning to change within the next month
  • Stage 4 Action: Practicing the new behavior
  • Stage 5 Maintenance: Continuing to sustain and commit to change

If you are one of the many who set a well-intentioned New Year’s resolution but have yet to take a step toward achieving it, you are in good company, and you remain in the contemplation stage. In order to move from contemplation to preparation, ask yourself how confident are you that you can make the change? If your answer is that you will not or cannot, your chance of success is slim. Take steps to bolster your belief in your ability to follow through, which could include mediation, preparation (clean out the “no go’s” in your pantry and purchase nothing but approved foods) line up exercise classes or equipment needed, OR, scale back your plan to a more achievable goal.

Don’t overlook the small successes! If your goal is to add a workout to your daily routine commit to 1-2 days of walking or other enjoyable activity and SUCCESS! As you accomplish these small milestones, take time to appreciate how far you have come rather than how far you have to go. Lastly, don’t let past failed attempts deter you from chasing them again.

The success of achieving any goal hinges on your perceived importance of the goal and/or the impact accomplishing it will have on your life.

If you are ready to make this year the year you succeed, please visit to take advantage of the wellness programs offered to you through Valley Schools. WellStyles allows you to track your daily habits and recognize your small successes, as well as provide you with a community of support along the way.

Valley Schools Wellness Department wants our members to live their best lives. Our targeted, innovative programs are available to help members achieve their optimal health goals, including healthy weight loss. Please visit for more information about Valley Schools wellness program.

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