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Who We Are

Let’s face it, there is a lot of noise in the insurance market – especially in Arizona. It can be hard for the average person to track everything that is going on, but it is even more challenging for school districts. With schools to manage and the wellbeing of employees who ensure the education of children as their primary concern, school districts don’t have time to navigate the complex waters of insurance options year to year. To help solve this problem, Valley Schools was born.

As a non-profit organization that has been in Arizona for 30 years, Valley Schools understands firsthand the challenges that K-12 school districts face when it comes to insurance options. Valley Schools is the ally of school districts and thought leader in healthcare. We coordinate with health insurance companies to negotiate the best low cost rates for school districts looking to find insurance for their employees.

As we near the next enrollment period, make sure that when vetting a company that negotiates insurance rates on your behalf that they check out as a non-profit. If they appear to be a non-profit, go the extra mile and make sure they are not owned by a parent company that is for profit.

Unlike for profit entities that masquerade as not for profit organizations, we are a non profit and therefore you can trust us to serve for only your benefit.


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