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The Importance of Choosing Your Health Care During Open Enrollment

If you are a school district employee in the State of Arizona, your district will designate a set period of time each year for you to choose your benefits package for the next plan year. For many schools, it runs congruent with the fiscal year of July 1st through June 30th each year. Open Enrollment education meetings and opportunities typically start in the spring and last two weeks to thirty days to allow the employee time to educate themselves and choose the right coverage, and the district to enter all employee’s elections in time for the benefits to start by July 1st.

Open enrollment is a critical time for all employees who are benefit eligible. If you fail to enroll in your benefits during open enrollment, you will not have another opportunity to elect or make changes until next year’s open enrollment unless you experience a qualifying event. Don’t get caught off guard! Be on the lookout for announcements about enrollment meetings and deadlines to be certain you are fully informed about your choices and can make the best decision for yourself and your family.  

What you should know

  • When your enrollment starts and how long it is.
  • Where to go to make your enrollment choices.
  • What your benefit options are. Do you understand the plans? If not, are there meetings or educational videos or materials available to help you?
  • Which benefits does your district pay for? Are there voluntary benefits such as critical care insurance or home, auto or rental insurance that you could be taking advantage of at a lower cost rather than purchasing independently?
  • What benefits changes (to the medical plans, vendors, etc.) have been made for the new plan year?
  • When do your new benefits take effect?
  • Who do you go to at the district if you have a question or need help?


Valley Schools is here to help members with this complicated process. We want to make sure all employees elect their insurance benefits during regular enrollment periods to ensure that long-term health care is provided to all benefit eligible employees at your school or organization. Valley Schools offers our members onsite support for open enrollment, as well as custom benefit education videos.

Contact us today to see how we can help your organization experience a successful open enrollment season!  

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