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A female is drawing a line graph to invest in herself

Invest in Yourself

In a time where schools are underfunded and resources are scarce, it is vital that every dollar is allocated to the core mission of educating children. if you invest in yourself you can ensure your own success.

One of our Board of Directors members Mike Barragan, has seen many school districts save money from being self insured. His expertise being the Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Auxiliary Services for the Glendale Elementary School, and his past experience being the Director of Finance for the Tolleson Union High School District, shows his extensive knowledge of the benefits on being self-insured.  

“As a school business official, I know first-hand that my district is not large enough on its own to negotiate lower rates directly with healthcare carriers much less to dedicate a full-time team of expert benefit managers.” Mike explains how with the limited power of small school districts, it is crucial to have a dedicated team to guide you through the healthcare process.

Not only should you invest in yourself, but also your employees. Taking care of your employees is important to ensure the success of your school. We have a responsibility to manage tax-payers dollars and resources wisely.

“I am a big believer in school districts being self-insured because when you are self-insured, if you invest in yourself” Mike says. “Self-insurance reduces your overall cost and allows you the opportunity to cater and tailor your benefits to your specific district needs.”

Valley Schools is a valuable resource for you and your school district. We can help by finding you the right path to take when providing health insurance to your district.

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