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A small benefits committee is going over their program

Engaging Your Benefits Committee

Have you ever considered starting a benefits committee to help assess and provide feedback from an employee level? It can be a tremendous asset to an employer to give employees a voice in their healthcare options. In most cases, benefits committees are not the final decision makers, but they make recommendations. A committee’s primary roles are to provide the decision-makers considerations, feedback, and guidance on their department’s needs, and ultimately, to share the message about the benefits to the employees they are representing.

Keeping your insurance committee engaged and enthusiastic is an ongoing process! It is helpful to re-address the ground rules for interactions during the meetings, as well as clearly stating roles, responsibilities and the committee’s end goal at the beginning of each season. Leadership by a knowledgeable HR or Benefits Manager is valuable, as well as utilizing other professionals, such as your benefits consultant. If you are a multi-site employer, having representation from each department or location can be helpful, but be cautious about engaging too large of a group. Ideally, a committee of 5-10 dedicated individuals is sufficient.

One area that is often overlooked is the importance of benefits education for committee members. Benefits are not an easy thing to learn or remember! Ongoing education on the basics, as well as your medical plans, your wellness offerings, and any other benefit that the committee advises on, is essential. Committee members are your best advocates for messaging out and helping all employees understand the value of what you, the employer is providing and working to improve on their behalf.

Valley Schools works hand-in-hand with our member’s committees and employee benefits boards to help guide and educate. We are passionate about healthcare and wellness and are happy to serve our members! Contact us today to become a member at no cost, and see how we can help you manage your employee benefits to save money.

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