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A calculator and pen sits over a spreadsheet for valley schools

Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

Improving our lives begins with improving our health. Valley Schools provides employees with ways to cultivate healthy change every day by providing a platform to track daily improvements and tools and resources to support change.

For example, water intake, healthy eating, sleep, steps and much more can be tracked on the Wellstyles™ platform and mobile app. Valley Schools celebrates every success by awarding points and rewards and helps members stay engaged through onsite programs, challenges, and promotions. Each group has unique reward opportunities and members can view their points and eligible rewards at any time.

In some cases, this adds up to significant $$ and prizes! Do you know if your employer group has a worksite wellness program available? Many employers invest in wellness so the chances are good that they do. Don’t leave dollars on the table! Why not learn ways to improve your health while earning extra rewards? It’s a win, win!

Don’t leave money on the table, invest in your employee’s lives and find ways to cultivate change! For more information on wellness programs and health incentives, visit our website or, if you are one of our member groups, click here to join the fun and start tracking!

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